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Hi, my name is Phil Escott, and my passion is helping people to reverse disease and rediscover full health

Phil Escott, your wellness coach and author of Amazon bestseller "Arthritis - The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me"

In 2010 my life became unbearable. After a decade of deteriorating health, I was almost crippled with psoriatic arthritis.

I was determined to make myself well again, and devoted myself to exploring every treatment, every diet... every kind of solution imaginable!

Eventually, after years of trial & error (as well as investing all my savings) I found the unique combination of factors I needed to fix to get healthy again.

Since then I have personally used this exact program to help hundreds of people just like you to cut through the confusion and finally say goodbye to all kinds of autoimmune issues - forever!

Today, you can achieve the same results without the years of painful mistakes, because I've already done the research for you.

Simply follow the simple steps I'll show you in The Subtraction Method and you'll be on your path to a new life of full health free from autoimmunity.

There are no drugs, potions or supplements involved, and I'm so confident the method will work for you I can offer you my 100% 90-day total satisfaction money-back guarantee!

So you have nothing to lose,
and everything to gain!

The Subtraction Method is easy!

My biggest breakthrough in understanding my own autoimmune problems was when I realised that my disease was not caused by something that was missing.

There was no drug or treatment that would fix the problems with my body. The causes of all autoimmune issues actually stem from lifestyle... things like diet, sleep, and light... things in modern life that simply do not suit our ancestral human condition.

So the Subtraction Method is about removing a specific range of environmental factors so that you can allow your body to heal itself! That's why it's easy... it isn't so much about doing anything new as removing things that don't help.

Autoimmunity healing testimonial

"There was much sickness and my body was shouting louder and louder – I just needed to listen! Before, I'd always wants to fix everything, but here I realised I couldn't... and there’s the beauty. The body is the absolute master of fixing itself! That’s what it does!"

Nick W.

Testimonial about self-healing autoimmunity

“Well, it’s working for sure! Skin irritation is gone. Joints are happy too. Energy is high, and I even forgot about the need of napping. Really happy, happy about everything!!”


Works practically 100% of the time

The Subtraction Method works! Since I figured out the step-by-step process to cure my own autoimmune illness, I have been privileged to work with hundreds and hundreds of other individuals, so I have seen every kind of autoimmunity symptoms literally disappear!

Previously, all my clients had to invest in expensive personal one-to-one consultations, but today you don't have to. I have recorded my complete method in a series of 30 easy-to-follow videos, which will take you gently through the steps you need.

Bottom line... it works, if you work it! That's why I'm happy to offer you my 100% 90-day no-quibble money-back guarantee... If you aren't convinced the course has delivered on its promises any time within 90 days, just tell me and I'll immediately refund your money!

How The Subtraction Method works

The Subtraction Method online course comprises 30 videos that you can work through in just a few days, giving you simple recommendations that you can immediately put into action!

I also provide an extensive library of other links and resources you can use to deepen your understanding of the causes of your autoimmune disease... but the good news is you don't need to understand how autoimmunity happens to allow your body to heal itself!

Remember... your body's natural ancestral state is full wellness. You already know instinctively how to maintain that healthy, energetic, positive state. What has knocked you off balance is a lifestyle that is at odds with your natural patterns.

The Subtraction Method is your simple roadmap for removing the factors that prevent your self-healing, so you can get out of your own way and let your body, mind, and spirit rediscover true health!

“The first thing that hit me was I couldn't believe how simple steps were that Phil sets out in the videos. The way he explains everything is so straightforward and easy to put into practice. Within two weeks I was already pain-free, sleeping better, and just feeling healthier all round. Like a better version of me. I cannot recommend this course highly enough!”

Ben H.

Experts Agree


Almost everything I learned about chronic disease at medical school was complete rubbish.

In medicine, it is rare that people with chronic diseases reverse them. Phil is seeking to show you how he navigated that path for himself. For someone at the beginning of their journey, Phil's series is a good place to begin


Dr. Jack Kruse

Kruse Longevity Center


Anyone facing autoimmune challenges would be fortunate to cross paths with Phil for the knowledge and guidance he offers to engender the courage necessary to break away from the medical paradigm in order to tread their own journey back to true health.


Britta Becker-Thomas, M.S., M.T.O.M.

Board-certified accupuncturist


I have been helping people recover their health for 30 years. During this time I have researched for 1000's and 1000's of hours and come across many brilliant people, many of them who were not scientists or doctors. I can honestly say that Phil Escott is one of those people I hold in my top 10 of knowledgeable people on the subjects of healing.


Dr Jeremy Ayres, DO, NC, SBRC

International Natural Health Educator

Topics Covered in The Subtraction Method

The Subtraction Method is designed to give you all the information, the confidence, and the practical steps you need to beat autoimmunity and regain your health.

The course features 30 videos plus a host of other resources to help you every step of the way.

You'll discover the links between gut health / permeability, mitochondrial function, and how they create the environment for the body to attack its own tissues, causing your autoimmune symptoms. We'll work through all the areas that contribute to chronic disease (that modern medicine has not figured out). Most importantly - you'll also see how easy it is to reverse the damage!


Carnivore "Reset" Nutrition

When the body has developed autoimmune disease, studies have shown that gut permeability does not heal when there is even a small amount of vegetable matter in the diet.

A well-planned carnivore diet based on the meat of ruminant animals allows your body to reset and the gut to heal. Once the gut wall is healed, you may choose to reintroduce other food sources one by one.


Busting Supplementation Myths

Many sufferers of autoimmunity are recommended to take a range of dietary supplements, which is a massive waste of money.

Most traditional dietary supplements are not absorbed by the people who need them the most, i.e. those who already have gut damage. Additionally, many of the ingredients used to package and comprise tablets and capsules can contribute to gut permeability.

Generally, the only supplements you should be taking for autoimmune issues should be electrolytes to maintain proper balance.


Effective Exercise

When you are really sick with autoimmunity, too much - or the wrong kind of - exercise can actually be counterproductive. At this point, your primary focus should be on healing the gut, and a well-planned reset diet will help with weight loss if required.

If and when your body tells you to reintroduce exercise, I'll show you how you can gain muscle while burning fat, improve posture and sleep, and enjoy many other benefits - without calorie restriction and with just a few minutes' of the right kinds of exercise per week!


Artificial Light & Sleep Awareness

High-quality sleep is essential to healing, because most healing happens while you sleep. So if you are not sleeping properly, your recovery will be slowed or halted.

Most people today have a poor sleep pattern, out of tune with our bodies' natural "circadian rhythm", but the good news is there are ways to get back into a healthy cycle and enjoy life-giving sleep.

I'll give you my tips for kickstarting melatonin and cortisol release at the right time of day, and how to minimise blue light exposure later in the day (which keeps you awake and negatively impacts mitochondrial function).


Electromagnetic Field Minimisation

Most people spend their lives surrounded by a matrix of electromagnetic fields, emitted by everything from wifi and mobile phones to smart meters and even electric cookers.

Research shows that EMF exposure interferes with mitochondrial function in all your body's cells, confusing the body, restricting cell communication, and ultimately hampering your efforts to heal.

While it is practically impossible to get rid of all EMF exposure in today's world, I'll give you a range of practical tips for minimising EMFs in the home.


Cold Thermogenesis

When your body is suffering from extreme inflammation, the correct use of cold treatment can be a powerful tool - similar to applying ice to a painful joint. Cold thermogenesis can not only remove inflammation but can also help your hormonal system to reset.

(Note, while this is appropriate for most types of autoimmune issues, it is not an option for people with Graves' Disease!)


Stress Reduction

Modern life has most people living in a state of constant low-lying stress, caused by the factors that disconnect us from our natural ancestral state of being. This constant "fight or flight" condition confuses the body and affects every area of your life.

When your body is releasing too much adrenaline, it negatively impacts a range of processes, including your thinking and also your digestion - which is of course key to healing from autoimmunity.

All the areas we'll address in The Subtraction Method, from diet to light management, fundamentally aim to remove that constant physical, mental, and emotional stress.


Emotional & Spiritual Health

The final key area of The Subtraction Method deals with our thinking, and false beliefs in particular. I'll show you how beliefs and irrational fears, some of which you may have carried with you your whole life, can actually affects your physical health.

I'll then share simple techniques that can help you easily dispel false beliefs so you can accept and live in the present, which in turn can help resolve your main physical symptoms.

Remember, life is not meant to be stressful or complicated; it should be simple and easy. Your ancestral state is in the moment, positive, curious, and full of health and energy. I'll help you to rediscover that state of being.

Are you ready to say "Goodbye" to autoimmunity?

I want to help you rediscover full health and happiness, as I have done with hundreds of others. The Subtraction Method brings together all my experience and delivers it in an easy-to-follow, affordable video course.

Remember, it's 100% guaranteed! If you are not completely delighted with the results you get, I'll refund your money. So start today!


I am offering the Subtraction Method program as lifestyle advice, which may be applied alongside any advice and treatments recommended by your doctor or medical professional. As I am not a qualified medical professional I cannot claim to offer medical advice or guarantee any specific outcome. The Subtraction Method is offered in good faith, based on my own personal experience and the testimonies of many other people who have applied it and achieved positive results with autoimmune-related issues.